GOAT YOGA at Maan Farms

Cultivate joy & self-love with the help of our furry friends. We are passionate about bringing health and wellness to our community and Goat Yoga is one of our favourite ways to do so! Joins us for a class this fall!

Tickets available online now!

GOAT YOGA at Maanfarms


We feel strongly about health and wellness and keeping you safe while you are on the farm. We have created a detailed covid-19 health and safety plan to ensure we are keeping our guests & employees safe. All participants will be required to read the plan prior to arriving. Thank you for your help in keeping our community safe.


Goat Yoga is exactly what is sounds like – Yoga with Goats! These classes are designed to be a fun and unique way to tap into your zen with the help of our baby goats. Our goats love people, cuddling and will help motivate and challenge you to engage in mindfulness as they jump from back to back!

Goat yoga and wine events


Our goat yoga and wine events are definitely a night to remember. This is the perfect girls night or date night out. We begin with a 1 hour Hatha Goat Yoga experience followed by Goat Happy Hour where you will receive a glass of Maan Farms’ award-winning fruit wine. Dinner is also included in your ticket. Each participant receives your choice of Curry Bowl: Chickpea or Butter Chicken, Samosa & Dessert!

*we cannot make any substitutions to our meals.


Planning a unique birthday party or a team-building experience. $1200 plus tax and processing fee.

  • Private Studio Space
  • Includes 15 Participants
  • Goat Yoga Instructor
  • 1 Hour Class
  • Goat Whisperer
  • 1 Glass of award winning fruit wine
  • 1 Curry Bowl (Butter Chicken or Chickpea Curry)
  • 1 of Mama Maan’s Famous Samosas
  • Dessert
Goat Yoga

Why Goat Yoga?

Our goal is to provide a wellness experience rooted in agriculture that cultivates a deeper connection with yourself and Mother Nature.

– Gurleen Maan


About the Yoga

Our Goat Yoga is an all-levels Hatha Yoga.

Classes are held both indoors and outdoors depending on the weather. We recommend bringing a light jacket or shawl for Savasna

Please bring your own yoga mat and a water bottle. You can also bring a towel to lay under your mat if you prefer. Dress according to the weather, with whatever is comfortable for you. Expect to get dirty, as we are on a farm after all. It may be chilly inside the barn so we recommend bringing a sweater too.

Once parked, please check in and sign our fitness waiver inside the market. Our staff will then be on hand to direct you to our Wedding Barn/Goat Yoga Studio.

The yoga practice will be 60 minutes.

Anyone 14+ is welcome at Goat Yoga! Please note, participants must sign a waiver before the class. If a participant is under 19 years old, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver.

Our instructors can provide variations for you. We’d recommend coming a bit earlier and chatting with our instructors so they can suggest modifications. If you already practice yoga, Goat Yoga will not pose any problems (pun intended). If this is your first class, we recommend taking prenatal yoga classes that are catered to expecting mothers. Always speak to your prenatal caregiver about what is best for you and your baby.

About the Event

No, tickets are pre-sold and available online only.

No, Goat Yoga is a reservation only class. This is due to the limited space availability and to ensure we respect the privacy of other participants.

Maan Farms’ policy requires every child be supervised by a parent or guardian while on our properties. Parents and children must purchase daily admissions tickets to enter (or your Seasons Pass).

No, Goat Yoga tickets are separate. BUT your Seasons Pass does get you 10% off Goat Yoga (and other featured events) tickets.

Yes! Every Goat Yoga ticket includes admission to our Barnyard Adventureland (7 farm activities).

Yes! We have a wide selection of homemade authentic meals from our country kitchen.

Of course! Please bring two pieces of valid IDs.

In our market we accept cash, debit, Visa, and Mastercard in our market. Please be advised Goat Yoga tickets are pre-sold and available online only.

About the Goats

Yes, there will be half an hour after the practice for some uninterrupted goat socializing, and of course, goat selfies.

No, but they are gentle creatures. They can be unpredictable and spontaneous at times and we will have staff on hand to ensure you feel comfortable and safe.

Our goats are not potty trained and will behave like true farm animals. This experience is kept as organic as possible to ensure we provide everyone with an authentic experience. With that said, expect the goats to pee and poop during the class. Goat poop looks like small pellets, it’s not messy and all you have to do is shake it off your mat. It doesn’t happen all that often, but it does happen. We will have staff on hand with paper towels to clean up during the class, so just raise your hand and let us know!

Maan Farms Goat Yoga Covid-19 Safety Plan

General Policies

Masks are required at all times for staff and Participants when indoors and when walking to the barn. Participants are not required to wear their mask while exercising as long as they are properly distanced, but are strongly encouraged to.

At least once every two hours or as often as needed, employees will disinfect the following: Counters
Door handles
Table top in dining area
Customer washroom
Any high touch points

Employees with symptoms of COVID-19 such as sore throat, fever, sneezing, or coughing are expected to self-isolate at home for 10 days, as well as anyone advised by public health to self-isolate. Employees must a distance of 6ft between workers wherever possible by organizing work tasks, posting occupancy limits on small rooms (break room/kitchen), and limiting the number of workers at one time in break locations. Employees must wash and sanitize their hands as often as possible and wear gloves while they work. Employees must regularly clean all common areas and surfaces, including washrooms, desks and counters, common tables, light switches and door handles. Employees must change their gloves as needed to help reduce cross contamination. NEVER put gloves on unwashed hands.

Class Precautions

To help ensure the health and safety of all attendees, the provincial health authorities have stated a min. Of 7m2 per person of unencumbered space must be provided – therefore we have a maximum occupancy of 20 people in the barn at a time – this will be posted in the exercise space.

Instructor(s) will be provided with a microphone to ensure they are not speaking above a talking volume .

Windows and/or doors will be cracked open when the weather permits, to allow air ventilation.

Due to the current circumstances, we will not allow any walk-ins – all tickets must be pre purchased.

All participants must stay within their designated safe space when in the barn – taped off.

All participants must stay a minimum of 8 feet apart at all times.

No headphones are permitted while the class is in session or instructions are being given.

Every participant must bring their own water bottle and may NOT share with any other persons – regardless if they are within your “covid bubble”

In case of a cancelled reservation due to Covid-19 symptoms, there will be no penalty

Participant had read and understands all risks and agrees to all precautions listed in the above statements.

Participant understands the animals in the class are not able to be sanitized, and understands by touching them they are not to touch their face or head until hands are washed and/or sanitized.

Participant understands they are putting themselves at risk of covid-19 by participating, and understands Maan Farms is at no fault of potential exposure.


We have a number of classes coming up this Fall. To take a look at what is available click the link below to go to our booking site.

~ Gurleen & Mama Maan

Goat Yoga