Strawberry season is BACK and better than ever in 2022! After a slow start to the season, we are so happy to finally be back offering the freshest and most delicious berries in the Fraser Valley. We have freshly picked baskets and flats available in our market every day, and you can find us at your local grocery store or weekend Farmers Market!

Along with our own home grown fruit, we are also happy to offer local corn, peaches, and other seasonally available produce.

Maan Farms market open daily from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm!


Learn more about U-Pick at the farm and our Berry Days event by clicking the link below!


We visit many different Farmer's Markets throughout the summer where we sell our freshly picked berries, wine, and even Mama Maan's famous hot sauce! We are proud to be a part of the market community and look forward to seeing you all there. Keep an eye out for us at the Abbotsford Farmers Market this year!


Maan Farms Berries are proudly delivered fresh daily to over 35 private grocery stores and markets across the Lower Mainland.

Set the filter to "Berries" on the map and enter your address to find us near you!

Also keep an eye out on the map for liquor stores in your neighborhood that carry our fruit wine made from our own fresh berries!

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  • Keep berries cool, don't leave them in the car/garage/basement.
  • To store your berries, refrigerate them immediately until use.
  • Wash just before using, rinsing any dirt by gently dipping in a bowl of cold water.
  • Wash just before using, rinsing any dirt by gently dipping in a bowl of cold water.

Our Farming Practices

Minimal Pesticides

In fact, we spray less than Organic Farmers. Yes, Organic Farmers spray Organic Pesticides, which are just as harmful to our planet and ourselves as their conventional counterparts. However, we strive to farm the safest produce in the Fraser Valley, through the application of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) a scientifically proven form of agriculture, that allows us to produce high yields of healthy and delicious food but use very minimal chemicals.

Our Farming Practices


Some might suggest eliminating pesticides altogether. However, in the unfortunate event of a crop loss, we would lose these vital tools to protect our crops from sheer destruction. Berries are quite delicate, prone to rotting in rain or feasted on by fruit flies. So as humble stewards of our land, we believe the application of specific pesticides is an ethical method of prevention. That is true sustainability. The alternative would be letting thousands of pounds of food go to waste!

Our Farming Practices

Prioritizing Sustainability

This method is also environmentally friendly, as our berries are mindfully produced in consideration of negative impacts on the environment and those around us compared to any other form of agriculture, including Organic. The use of IPM, also ensures enough production of fruit to feed a society, despite the growing population. In addition to these positive aspects, IPM contributes to effective and ethically priced produce, as we do not charge the outrageous prices that Organic Farmers would, due to their lack of yields per acre, forcing them to compensate in regards to the price they charge per lb.