Thank you for joining us this season and experiencing our 2022 Haunted attractions. We look forward to next year when we'll be back with more monsters, more screams, and more nightmares.

Homestead, an immersive, limited entry, full contact haunted experience where you are greeted as a guest at a decrepit AirBnB, one you may never leave. Guests will experience an enhanced, highly detailed, and elevated horror attraction with one of a kind immersion that will leave them begging to check out.

The Way Down, a FIRST-EVER HOODED HAUNT! This journey through hell will have guests pushed to their limits, experiencing a unique multidimensional assault on the senses. Upon arrival all guests must place a fabric hood on their heads before entering. The fiery wrath of the underworld awaits those who dare venture down into the fires of darkness.

Slaughterhouse, the Scariest Corn Maze in Canada returns with a blood-soaked vengeance. Through a field of screams, guests will run for their lives as the flesh-eating pigs are unleashed to feast upon those who fall behind. This is the iconic, heart pumping, and white-knuckled experience filled with everything nightmares are made of. Chainsaws!