Berry Days

Thank you for joining us on the farm this summer for Berry Days, we loved welcoming you this sweet season!

Fresh strawberries still available in our market daily!

Fall at the Farm is happening NOW! Click below to book tickets or learn more.


Thank you for joining us for U-Pick this year, our fields are closed for the season but we look foward to welcoming you back in the spring!

Fresh Strawberries available in our market daily, we are open 9am - 6pm!


U-Pick: Closed
Pre-Picked: Available


U-Pick: Closed
Pre-Picked: Unvailable


U-Pick: Closed
Pre-Picked: Unavailable


  • Reserve your spot online before you come.
  • Every person, ages 3 and up must purchase a container in order to enter the field.
  • Check in at the Maan Farms Market to receive your container and to find out which fields has the ripest berries to pick.
  • Once you have filled your container, visit the store to enjoy some of our seasonal treats or wine.


  • Keep berries cool, don't leave them in the car/garage/basement.
  • To store your berries, refrigerate them immediately until use.
  • Wash just before using, rinsing any dirt by gently dipping in a bowl of cold water.
  • Enjoy your berries today! Eat or process within 1 or 2 days for best results.


Get the most out of your U-Pick experience and keep your berries fresher for longer with Mama Maan's helpful tips! Learn from the best before you come and you'll be an expert in the field in no time.

More Info!

Yes, we are! We recommend you bring your finest gumboots on the days that it rains.

If you have a Maan Farms White or Red Bucket from previous years you may use it again this year. Otherwise you must purchase a new container with your ticket.

We highly recommend that you reserve a time slot for U-Pick for the day you would like to pick. We will have limited, if any, spots available for drop-ins. Priority will be given to those who have a reservation. If you plan to drop-in you MUST arrive a minimum of 1 hour before close.

Yes! With parent supervision, this is a fun family activity.

Because of increased demand and limited quantities this early in the season we have limited the number of containers pre-sold, so as long as you reserve a spot in advance, we are making sure that everyone has access to enough berries.


Please do not eat the berries while you are picking. We would like to avoid guests putting a berry in their mouth and then touching the plants again.

Walk between the rows, do not step on the plants or plastic coverings.

We know it's tempting, but do not overfill your containers! A comfortable heap on the top is permitted, but you should be able to carry your container back to your car with one hand.

No outside food or beverages.

No smoking or vaping in the field.

No dogs allowed due to food safety concerns.

Prices and availability are weather dependent and are subject to change at any given time. Updates posted to social media.


Yes, we have the freshest and juiciest berries in the Fraser Valley. But did you know our 80-acre farm supports Sustainability? Yup, that’s right! When you purchase berries from our farm you’re giving back to the planet by supporting sustainable, cost-effective and ethical farming practices which are safe for you and the environment.

– Amir & Kris Maan


Book your tickets in advance online to secure your spot in the field!

Availability will be updated dailty so don't delay!